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Cable nameplate

Material: PE<br> Color:White<br>

Summary: Nylon66 that meets the requirements of UL94V-2, acid resistance, corrosion resistance, good insulation, not easy to age, strong tensile strength


Cable tie, not easy to age



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    • Commodity name: Cable nameplate

    Material: PE<br> Color:White<br>

Professionally provide special and customized plastic strapping straps


Flexible application of different polymer materials, such as: nylon 6, nylon 66, nylon 46, nylon 56, nylon 12, PPA, polyketone POK, polyether ether ketone (PEEK), polypropylene PP, high pressure polyethylene, polyurethane, iron Teflon, etc., add different functional additives, and carry out twin-screw pre-dispersion granulation to ensure the uniformity and stability of the manufactured cable ties, and meet your needs in different scenarios!

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Self Locking nylon cable tie

Material</br> Nylon66 conforming to UL94V-2, resistant to acid.corrosion.goodinsulation.Anti-aging, with high tensile strength .Additionalmaterials that conform to ROHS are supplied</br> Working temperature-40C+85℃</br> Color</br> </br> White(Natural)or black.Other colors available upon request.</br>

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